Machine Tool Service And Repair

CNC Machine Installation


Moving or installing new/used CNC machines can be very problematic or frustrating. You don’t want to damage these machines during transport, and you certainly want to ensure they are installed correctly to avoid complications.

We offer machine installation or relocation services for any type of CNC or manual machine. Let us handle the machine move from start to finish so you can focus on other more important tasks for your business.

Our single, multiple, or complete factory relocations are handled using fully insured and trained specialist lifting and transport companies. These machine installations are performed to OEM specifications or better, with calibration reports available upon request.


Relocating machinery is sometimes just as hassling as installing a new one. MTS-R can plan and execute your machine relocation for you using a preferred lifting company. In addition to this, we ensure all the right equipment is used during the process, along with proper insurances and skills, to carry out the task efficiently and professionally.

Safe and reliable transport to your destination